What To Look For In A Used Honda Civic

Posted Wednesday, Jul 15, 2020

At All Star Motors, we want to make sure that the pre-loved Honda Civic you buy, is the car that will give you many years of great service. That’s why we only stock great quality used vehicles on our lot. Whether you buy from us or somewhere else, it is really important to know What To Look For In A Used Honda Civic before you buy your next compact sedan.

Which Year And Trim

With a history as long as the Honda Civic there are plenty of model years and trim levels to choose from. It is important to buy the newest one that fits into your budget. Why? There have been many advances in automotive engineering in the recent past. By buying a vehicle that is newer you get more up to date safety technology. So whether you are buying for yourself or a family member, safety is important. The other benefit of a newer Civic is the advent of some really fun additions to the infotainment system, including smartphone connectivity.

Body Condition

When you first look at the vehicle, take a look from a distance. Does it look straight and free from faults? If it looks good from all angles, take a closer look. If the mileage and the condition of the interior seem fair, then inspect the body. Around the doors, including the lower sill, the around the windows and under the spare wheel are all hiding spots for rust. Cars that have spent their lives in snowy or oceanside locations are more likely to be harboring rust that will shorten the lifespan of your Honda Civic.

Value Plus

We hope that this has helped you understand What To Look For In A Used Honda Civic. A preloved Civic is a great investment, giving you economy and classic Honda value. Start your search for your preloved Honda at All Star Motors, where you get the right advice.